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CBD & Hemp Pain Cream


SM Bath and Body® has created a very strong and incredibly easy to use pain relief cream made using 1000mg CBD oil with NO THCUSDA Certified Organic Hemp Oil, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Emu Oil and our Shea Butter base cream.  

CBD is a cannabinoid and is extracted from the hemp plant, often using CO2 extraction. It is then suspended in a carrier oil…. we use the actual hemp seed oil from the plant. CBD Oil helps with Pain and Inflammation and the hemp oil reduces swelling in muscles and tissues.Our product contains no THC. THC is the part of the plant that can have mind-altering effects and allow people to fail drug testing. 

We infuse 11 Essential Oils, 4 for inflammation, 7 for pain like arthritis. This proprietary blend of oils is the base pain relief in this cream. Emu Oil helps all the oils penetrate all 5 layers of the skin and drives the oil deep into tissues and muscles. 

Using topical CBD lotion is incredibly easy; you simply apply a small amount of lotion to the area and massage it a little before allowing the cream to sink in. It starts to work within minutes and within 1 hour most users find great relief. It is best to use this pain cream 3 times a day in order to keep all the oils in the pain area. This allows the oils to work 24/7. 


1 review for CBD & Hemp Pain Cream

  1. Ron Vaden

    Great product. Use it everyday.

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